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2010 HAAPC Production Award Winners

Tuesday, May 03, 2011 9:37 PM | Anonymous
On April 20, 2011 HAAPC honored Top Winners in our Annual Awards Banquet sponsored by CareerBuilder.  A special thank you to Marc Pactor from CareerBuilder who also emceed the program.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Contract Temporary - Administrative Support
1st Place = The Eastridge Group
2nd Place = Staffing Connection, Inc.

Contract Temporary - Technical/ Professional

1st Place = Nearterm
2nd Place = Hailey Canon, Addison Search
3rd Place = Brandy Hanna, Addison Search
Outstanding Achievement  = Ultrastaff
Outstanding Achievement = Janet Clark CPC, Hire Technology
Outstanding Achievement = Jami Davenport, Addison Search

Blended Services - Individual - Administrative Support

1st Place = Jennifer Briscoe, The Hiring Source
2nd Place = Meredith Clem, Burnett Staffing Specialists
3rd Place = Cynthia Zeglin, Staffing Connection, Inc.
4th Place = Marlies Ledbetter, Burnett Staffing Specialists

Blended Services - Individual - Technical/ Professional
1st Place = Kevin Gwinn, Burnett Staffing Specialists
2nd Place = Erin Moore, Burnett Staffing Specialists
3rd Place = Sarah Smith, Burnett Staffing Specialists
4th Place = Shelley Blount, Burnett Staffing Specialists
5th Place = Janet Clark CPC, Hire Technology
6th Place = Judy Diamond, Burnett Staffing Specialists
7th Place = Teresa Fisher, Burnett Staffing Specialists
8th Place = Joel Parker, Burnett Staffing Specialists
9th Place = Rhonda McPhail, Burnett Staffing Specialists

Blended Services - Team - Administrative Support

1st Place = ExecuTeam Staffing

Blended Services - Team - Technical/ Professional
1st Place = Physician Resources
2nd Place = Whitaker IT
3rd Place = Whitaker Medical
Outstanding Achievement = Addison Search
Outstanding Achievement = Team 1 Medical
Outstanding Achievement = Steverson Accounting Professionals

Direct Hire - Administrative Support

1st Place = MK Stalder, Burnett Staffing Specialists

Direct Hire - Technical/ Proessional
1st Place = Gladney Darroh, Piper Morgan & Associates
2nd Place = Mark Dremely CPC, Richard Wayne & Roberts
3rd Place = Truett Allen, Richard Wayne & Roberts
4th Place = Janet O'Neal, Richard Wayne & Roberts
5th Place = Ken McQueen, Richard Wayne & Roberts
6th Place = Nicole Self, Richard Wayne & Roberts
7th Place = Carol Wenom, Whitaker Companies
8th Place = Sean Mclain, Employer Flexible
9th Place = Eric Holzer CPC Richard Wayne & Roberts
10th Place = Sajiah Chmaitelli, Addison Search
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