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  • Thursday, March 21, 2013 5:18 PM | Anonymous
    Thank you!
  • Sunday, January 20, 2013 8:17 PM | Anonymous

    Ballots and Worksheets are now available!!!!

    General Information.pdf

    Direct Hire Award Worksheet
    DH Placement Award.pdf
    DH worksheet 2012.xlsx

    Blended Services Award Worksheet
    Blended Services Award_Rules.pdf
    Blended Services Individual Worksheet.xls
    Blended Services Team worksheet.xlsx

    Contract/Temporary Award Worksheet
    Contract Temp Rules.pdf
    Contract Temp worksheet.xlsx

    Electronic ballots will be due no later than 5pm Friday, February 20th. Mailed or Faxed Worksheets will not be accepted. Ballots are now available online.

    Please email Vanessa for a token and link to the ballot at info@haapc.org or vesperanza88@gmail.com.

    Awards Luncheon will be held Thursday, March 21st at The Junior League of Houston featuring Barbara Bruno as our emcee.
  • Monday, December 10, 2012 8:00 AM | Anonymous

    HAAPC held their annual Holiday Party and Silent Auction this past
    Thursday, December 6th,2012!

    We would like to take this time to thank everyone who was able to make it out last week! It was a wonderful night filled with good ol' Holiday cheer, goodwill and unity! We couldn't have asked for better company and we are very happy you were able to help us in contributing donations to our charities The Center and Spina Bifida!


    Below is a slideshow of all the fun and festivities and a picture of our very own special committee board members Joni Hruska- Fichter and Judy Collins with Catherine Chandler of The Center.

  • Friday, August 03, 2012 10:44 AM | Anonymous
    We are excited to extend the opportunity of having you save $$$ on your NAPS Registration! We kindly thank NAPS for allowing the host state to use this generous discount.

    Here is a list of the great speakers that will be in attendance this year!

    Danny Cahill - Opening Keynote *2011 HAAPC Speaker
    Jim Bleech - Owner/Manager Keynote
    Jon Bartos *2012 HAAPC Speaker
    Amy Bingham
    Barb Bruno *2012 HAAPC Speaker
    Jon Davis
    Greg Doersching *2012 HAAPC Speaker
    Mike Gionta
    Jeff Kaye / Rob Mosley *2012 HAAPC Speaker
    Jenifer Lambert
    • Amy Bingham
    Laura Stoker
    • Lynn Mesmer
    Mike Goldman
    Marc Freedman
    Susan Young
    Danny Sarch
    Patricia Drain
    Jamie Schwartz

    Email Vanessa at info@haapc.org for the discount code to apply at registration.

    See you in San Antonio!

    - HAAPC
  • Monday, July 23, 2012 6:10 PM | Anonymous
    A great thank you to everyone who attended Roger Kemper at Sandler Training this past Thursday.
    We thank you for your continued support and hope you will join us for our Lunch n' Learn/Brown Bag Coaching Session in August.

  • Wednesday, May 16, 2012 1:30 PM | Anonymous

    Yesterday we had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Rob Mosley of Next Level Exchange at River Oaks Country Club where he discussed the topic of Best Practices that Drive Revenue.

    We would like to give a big thank you to Mr. Mosley and to all the companies in attendance at the session.

    Below are a few pictures from the event taken by our very own Judy Collins.

    Once again, a big thank you to everyone and we hope to see you in June for Jon Bartos!

    Please look forward to more updates here, on twitter, linkedin and facebook.

    - Vanessa Esperanza, HAAPC Project Administrator

  • Thursday, April 12, 2012 2:21 PM | Anonymous
    If you missed our article in the Jobs section of the Chron you can view it here!

    We apologize for not being able to submit a full list of winners to the publication but a full listing of the HAAPC Awards
    Banquet Winners for 2011 please visit here.
  • Thursday, March 22, 2012 5:48 PM | Anonymous
    Wow! We can't believe it's over! Congratulations to all the nominees
    and winners at today's Awards Banquet Luncheon.
    We had an amazing time and hope you did too!

    2011 Winners

    Contract/Temporary – Light Industrial
    1st Place
    – ProStaff Northwest
    (Adriana Purrata, Gina Smoot, Jenean Green,
    and Aimee Hartis)

    Contract/Temporary – Administrative Support

    • 1st Place– ProStaff Galleria
      (Stacie Pinnekins and Susan Kreur)

    Contract/Temporary – Technical/Professional

    • 1st Place– Nearterm Corporation
      (Gayle Tapps, Randy Bingham, Lori Francis
      and Shelley Muhs)
    • 2nd Place- Hire Technology
      (Janet Clark, CPC)
    • 3rd Place- Ultrastaff
      (Jolyn Scheirman, Rebecca Orzabal, Tom West,
      Maria Mosqueda, Brenda Rodriguez,
      Marguita Youngblood, Carmen Hunter,
      and Kimberly Thrasher)

    Blended Services Team - Administrative Support

    • 1st Place– ExecuTeam Staffing
      (Jessica Dills, Lina Faye Gibbs, Lindsey Mcleod
      and Barbara Vaknine)
    • 2nd Place - Riverway Business Services, Inc.
      (Sherri Nucio and Kelly Jordan)
    • 3rd Place- Steverson & Company
      (Nicole Ramos and Ruth Reven)

    Outstanding Achievement - Blended Services -
    Team Award Technical/Professional Division

    Steverson Accounting Professionals

    (Esther Sedeno, CPC/CTS and Ruth Reven)

    JDA Professional Services

    (James DelMonte, Clint Donahue, Judy Hernandez,
    Katrina James and Tiffany Rodriguez)

    Team 1 Medical

    (Lina Faye Gibbs and Johanna Gutierrez)

    Blended Services Team - Technical/Professional

    • 1st Place– Physician Resources
      (Julie Newton, Amina Duarte, and Marissa Ramey)
    • 2nd Place- Whitaker IT
      (Katherine Abshire CTS, Pauld Choudhuri CTS,
      Kristen Gaustad, Time Guerinot CTS,
      Candy Fleming CPC/CTS,Peyton Gregory,
      Patrick Montesanto CTS, Linda Ranostaj CTS,
      Aaron Simpson, Patricia Simpson CTS, Loren Vining,
      Carol Wenom CPC/CTS and John Ziomek)
    • 3rd Place- Whitaker Medical
      (Margit Axelrad CPC/CTS, Ann Knaup CPC/CTS,
      Cindy Hayes CTS, Jennifer Waldron CTS,
      Sue Orum CTS,Lisa Ellis CTS, Corrie Pattinson CTS,
      Jessica Brady CTS, John Maisonville CTS,
      Wendy Sommer CTS, Niki Price, Napoleon Crawford,
      Annette Burnett CTS, Linda Sawyer CTS, Wade Hayslip,
      Julia Morrison, Seth Ward, and Amy Barrilleaux CTS)

    Blended Individual - Administrative Support

    • 1st Place– Jennifer Lacy Briscoe, The Hiring Source
    • 2nd Place– Meredith Clem, Burnett Staffing Specialists
    • 3rd Place– Julie Riley, Burnett Staffing Specialists
    • 4th Place- Charise Spedale, Burnett Staffing Specialists
    • 5th Place- Susan Stone, Burnett Staffing Specialists

    Blended Individual - Technical/Professional Division

    • 1st Place– Kevin Gwinn, Burnett Staffing Specialists
    • 2nd Place– Sarah Smith, Burnett Staffing Specialists
    • 3rd Place– Marlies Fitch Ledbetter, Burnett Staffing Specialists
    • 4th Place- Janet Clark, CPC, Hire Technology
    • 5th Place- Erin Moore, Burnett Staffing Specialists
    • 6th Place- Courtney Cooke, Burnett Staffing Specialists
    • 7th- Judy Diamond, Burnett Staffing Specialists
    • 8th- Shelley Blount, Burnett Staffing Specialists
    • 9th- Sheri Hays, Burnett Staffing Specialists
    • 10th- Joel Parker, Burnett Staffing Specialists
    • 11th- Terry Fisher, Burnett Staffing Specialists
    • 12th-
    • 13th Place- Matthew Johnson, Burnett Staffing Specialists

    Direct Hire – Administrative Support

    • 1st Place– MK Stadler, CPC, MK Personnel

    Direct Hire- Technical/Professional Top 50 
    *Quarter Million Dollar Winners

    • *Qualitec
      (Eileen Cagle, CPC, Sarah Golden,
      Scott Hill, CPC, Casie Luke, CPC,
      Sam Riegler, CPC, Mike Vineyard, CPC)
    • *Richard, Wayne & Roberts
      (Amy Adams, CPC, Susan Benson,
      Eric Holzer, CPC, Catherine Horadam, CPC, John Martinez,Kristi Pickett, Ruth Schlanger, CPC)

    • *Piper-Morgan Associates
      Rebekah Arizola, Dawn Holley
    • Qualitec
      Anthony Caridi, Doug Dickerson, CPC,
      Shane Howard, Stephanie Schaffner, CPC,
      Elena Voelker, CPC)
    • Richard, Wayne & Roberts
      (Tami Albrecht, Ryan Allen, Kurt Dawson, CPC,
      Shanna Finucane, Steven Hadnot,
      Cassie Sherman, Tiffany White)
    • Manhattan Resources
      Hollee Obaugh, Fred Stang
    • Elk Solutions
      Laurie McFarling, Jason Kajehnouri
    • Whitaker
      Linda Sawyer, CPC
    • Nearterm Corporation
      Randy Bingham, Gayle Tapps

      Direct Hire – Technical/Professional Top 20
      **500,000 Winners, ***1,000,000 Winners

    • ***1st Place– Gladney Darroh,
      Piper Morgan Associates
    • ***2nd Place– Nicole Self,
      Richard, Wayne, and Roberts
    • ***3rd Place– Chris Schoettelkotte,
      Manhattan Resources
    • ***4th Place- Ken McQueen, CPC,
      Richard, Wayne & Roberts
    • **5th Place- Janet O'Neal,
      Richard, Wayne & Roberts
    • **6th Place- Truett Allen,
      Richard, Wayne & Roberts
    • **7th Place- Dave Williams,
      Employer Flexible
    • **8th Place- Mark Dremely, CPC,
      Richard, Wayne & Roberts
    • **9th Place- Stephanie Johnson, CPC,
      Richard, Wayne & Roberts
    • **10th Place- Tyna Truong,
      Richard, Wayne & Roberts
    • **11th Place- Bob Doyle, CPC,
      Richard, Wayne & Roberts
    • **12th Place- Amy Dalke,
    • **13th Place- Carol Wenom CPC/CTS,
      Whitaker Companies
    • *14th Place- Roger Reissig,
      Richard, Wayne & Roberts
    • *15th Place- Kevin Hester,
      Richard, Wayne & Roberts
    • *16th PlaceMichael Finch,
      Richard, Wayne & Roberts
    • *17th Place- Lisa Martin,
      Richard, Wayne & Roberts
    • *18th Place- Marc Holdaway,
      Richard, Wayne & Roberts
    • *19th Place- Sean McLain,
      Employer Flexible
    • *20th Place- Anna Colosimo,
      Richard Wayne & Roberts

    Rookie of the Year
    • Jeff Wittorf, Employer Flexible
    • Tiffany White, Richard, Wayne and Roberts

    And now we give thank you to all those who contributed to our events.

    A big thank you is in order to
    Mrs. Barbara Bruno for not only having been a speaker for two programs this month, but for also having been our amazing emcee for the awards banquet! Thank you Barb, we wish you a safe flight home!

    We would also like to recognize Chris Skerrett of CareerBuilder for his great presentation on the topic of Building an Engaging Sales Culture.
    Thank you Chris for contributing your time to our banquet. Also, we would like to thank The Houston Chronicle and Nathan Lindstrom Photography.

    For information on Mr. Skerrett's topic of discussion click here.

    And last but not least, a very big thank you to all the companies that came out to support us by attending the March programs and our Awards Banquet. Thank you for contributing to our success, we look forward to bringing you even more great speakers and programs in the near future.
    Once again, Thank you.

    HAAPC Board of Directors

    If you attended any of the three March Programs, please visit: HAAPCMARCHEVENTS
    to complete a short survey.
    We appreciate your feedback and comments.

  • Monday, February 20, 2012 3:12 PM | Anonymous
    We would like to thank Mr. Hirsch for the great event last week! Here are just some pictures of the full house! Way to go Neal!

    Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer

    We look forward to seeing even more of you for Barbara Bruno's events this March!

  • Wednesday, February 01, 2012 3:59 PM | Anonymous

    Neal Hirsch
    Managing Partner, Richard Wayne & Roberts

    Neal joined Richard, Wayne & Roberts as an executive recruiter in March 1980 and was named a Managing Partner in 1984. During his tenure, the company expanded from a five-desk engineering recruitment firm to a 73-desk firm that recruits professionals in accounting, legal, retail and multi-family real estate, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, healthcare, and engineering. The firm also owns and operates the Carlton companies, which provide contract and temporary personnel in a variety of specialized fields.

    Neal has made countless direct hire professional placements as a recruiter during his career at Richard, Wayne and Roberts, as well as hiring, training, motivating, and managing hundreds of recruiters in diverse specialty teams to successful careers in the recruiting profession.

    He holds a B.S. degree from Ohio State University and a M.S. degree from Xavier University. He has published several articles on the staffing industry and conducted highly acclaimed training seminars for HAAPC and TAPC in Texas, and was a featured speaker at a national conference for NAPS.

    Mr. Hirsch has served on the HAAPC Board of Directors, and supports educational programs and proactive public relations efforts by the personnel consulting industry. In 1998, Neal received the Outstanding Contribution to the Private Placement Industry Award from the Houston Association of Personnel Consultants, and a President’s Award from TAPC in 2004.

    Being the Best!!

    It's 2012, time to be more, accomplish more, and to become the "go-to" Recruiter in your field.  Because of the ease of entry, too many people get into recruiting without a true commitment to this being their profession.  Neal's goal in presenting this class is to share tools to help everyone in attendance move towards becoming just as accomplished in our business as an engineer, accountant or lawyer would be in theirs. 
    • Effective recruiting strategy
    • Uncovering candidate motivation
    • Taking a true recruiting assignment (not just a job order)
    • Closing the deal (deliverability)

    $69/ member
    $85/ non-member (RENEW your membership TODAY!!!)

    Registration closes Monday, February 13th


    The ballots are in and have been tabulated ....

    Sponsored by Careerbuilder, join HAAPC and their guests for our Annual Presentation of Production Awards. Awards Program emceed by Barbara Bruno!

    At this event Career builder will also be doing a special content offering on the topic of:

    Building an Engaging Sales Culture
    Selling new services to a larger base of customers is a common goal among staffing and recruiting firms. Building a sales organization that outperforms short-term sales goals and sustains commitment to its long-term mission is both an art and a science. Understanding the personal motivations of individual sales people, communicating clear objectives, and recognizing achievements can help firms establish a culture of winning and create momentum for ongoing sales success.

    This session will cover:

    • Habits of consistently successful sales organizations.
    • Labor pressure and compensation levels for sales professionals, based on different experience levels and geographies.
    • Steps firms can take to build a cohesive, unique sales culture.

    $50/ person includes Program, Presentation, and Lunch.

    Registration closes
    Friday, March 16th!

    Please head on over to our Events Page to register for these upcoming events!

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